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Erectus maximus.





The Black 01

When the world goes post-apocalyptic this is how I hope we all dress.

I would so wear all of this.




You should have heard by now from the news and at twitter about what happened in my country… 

.. I’m fucking crying.

many are speculating the reason this isn’t being televised as widely as it should be isn’t due to malicious or ignorant intent but rather as a safeguard against further brutal violence from the government of turkey- this has now spread beyond Istanbul and into surrounding cities. The more people know the truth about who is to blame the worse the protestors are attacked, because it is believed they are the ones giving “false record” of what is happening, making the government “look bad.”

as it is right now, several expats of Turkey have come forth for the record claiming these clashes were a long time coming due to increasing religion-ization of the government and having that religion influence their choices. This protest over the park was mostly unrelated but has escalated into a battle they all knew was going to happen eventually about this. Also, media outlets are concerned that tweeting about the truth of what is going on and why tensions were so high between the populace of Turkey and Istanbul in particular might lead to readers mistaking it for a slur against all Islam or Muslim people which is of course not the case. But I feel at this point we are smart enough to tell the difference between the radical, fundamental Muslims and normal Muslims so I’m going to leave that there. In reality, fundamental Islamists have been infiltrating Turkey which was self-described as a secular state for many, many wonderful cultures to exist in peace, and their increasing  pressure of their own norms has been creating unrest amongst Turkish people. On reddit, a 50 year old ex-pat of Iran came forward to say that this entire thing feels like what was happening in Iran in the 70s- when a progressive, scientifically outstanding country was overran by radical Islamists and their radical ideas were quashed when nobody had the chance to stop it. I know the world is different now, and the internet won’t let ignorance about this situation spread far. Keep up to date on this.

Sorry for the NSFWness. 

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My kidney aches…

>.< Ouch.

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